Anonymous said: Sometimes when I look through people's tumblr, I wished they lived close by so I could get to know them since I feel like I could understand them. Just putting it out there ! Didn't mean it in a creepy way , by the way I think your cute/beautiful ? 

The beautiful thing about technology is that it has the ability to connect people from thousands of miles away. If we’re looking at the same moon, we’re probably not so far apart. 

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There is always a desire to do good and be good— but recognize your limits because self-destruction lies within trying to please the world. 


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I should start writing again. I haven’t felt acquainted with myself lately. 

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Tree skin

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"God, where the hell am I?"  

My vision was blurry and it felt like something was repeatedly donkey kicking the side of my head. It was the bass.

"Breathe honey, breathe."

"Don’t just stand there, someone hold her hair!"

There was a strong smell of cigarettes, piss, and sweat, but it didn’t really bother me much. I was still trying to figure out who these bitches were and why were they touching me.

Then, I suddenly realized where I was—- the toilet. My face against the edge of the toilet seat.